Sketching with my QALDAM, a canvas come to life,
With TAYC's first NFT series, bringing joy and delight.
A 90% discount, what a steal, Minted at $100, a great deal

With 1000 QAL tokens, already inside,
Your wealth will grow, with every stride,
And when the QALVERSE launches with grace,
Your return, a steady pace.

12% RIST, a return so fine,
In stable token, free from decline,
Invest in QAL TOKEN, let your riches shine,
And watch as your wealth becomes divine.

So don't miss this chance, make a stand,
Get your hands on a QALDAM, first hand,
Sketch away, let your imagination soar,
With TAYC's NFT series, you'll have nothing to fear.

For the power of art, is a beauty to behold,
And with every stroke, your QALDAM will unfold,
So sketch away, and let the world see,
The beauty you've created, with TAYC's NFT series! launches 12% "RIST"

A first-of-its-kind return on NFT investment

TAYC.IO introduces RIST (Returns In Stable Token) for NFT holders, offering a 12% per annum return on investments. This unique feature makes TAYC a valuable and exciting investment opportunity in the world of NFTs. Invest in TAYC NFTs today and start earning RIST!

Countdown to Mint QALDAMS

Stage ends in

Total Asset
+ 1000 QAL
Asset Type
Collectible NFTs
Offered at
Mint NFT + 1000 QAL90% discount
  • Lambhorgini for Lucky ONE!!

    TAYC will giveaway Lambhorgini to one of the Lucky Holders of TAYC NFTs. Buy more and More to have a change to this!

How can i use tayc



The 1000 QAL tokens that are pre-loaded onto each TAYC NFT will have utility within the QALVERSE ecosystem. QALVERSE is the metaverse being developed by TAYC, and the QAL token is the primary currency used within this digital world.


12% p.a RIST

RIST is an innovative approach to give returns to the NFT holders that offers a 12% p.a (per annum) return to investors. This return rate is quite high compared to other investment options and first of a project which provide a stable token in return till Qalverse and Qal Token Launch.


VIP Access to Events and Deals

TAYC NFT holders are among the first to know about new releases and updates, which gives them an advantage in the market. Overall, VIP access to events and deals is a valuable perk that adds significant value to owning a TAYC NFT.


Early Bird Cashbacks

TAYC offers early bird cashbacks to collectors who are quick to invest in each series of NFTs that they release. These cashbacks are a reward for early adopters and provide an added incentive to purchase NFTs early on in each series


Gaming App Pay2Earn

TAYC's gaming app offers a pay-to-earn model where players can earn in-game tokens that can be redeemed for QAL tokens or TAYC merchandise. This adds an exciting and rewarding element to the gaming experience and provides an opportunity for players to earn tangible rewards while having fun.


Personalised Merchandise

TAYC plans to launch a merchandise store where NFT fans can purchase a variety of items using InGame Tokens or QAL Tokens. The store will offer a range of products including clothing, bags, badges, smartwatches, headphones, VR headsets, gym wear, and more.



Year of Prepration

In 2022, we'll validate our concept with care,
And start to build with initial development and preparation fair.
We'll create a token for QAL, with great might,
And develop TRAITS for our QALDAMS, with unique names and insight.



With comics in draft, and QALEVEs in sight,
We'll render 10k QALDAMS with 4k resolution so bright.
we'll launch NFT Series 1 with a discount,
so grand, QALDAMS priced at $100, in everyone's hand.
We'll celebrate with a party in Dubai, at the beach so gay,
And social media campaigns will keep the community engaged all day.



we'll release NFT Series 2, with a price so fine,
QALEVEs priced at $200, for all to call it thine.
With a celebratory event, we'll mark the release so great,
And Qalvoyge Comics will provide a visual treat.



NFT Series 3 will be launched with a bang,
QALKIDS priced at $300, for everyone to tang.
With a celebration, we'll mark its release, with joy and cheer,
And P2E Games app, for all to play, with basic engagement so near.



NFT Series 4, with discount of 60, will be grand,
QALVERSE EDUCATION LANDBLOCK priced at $400, at your command.
With QALVERSITY Virtual Education, we'll provide a smart way,
And a party to celebrate its release, in 2023, on a special day.

Q1 2024


NFT Series 5, with discount of 50, we'll release,
QALVERSE ENTERTAINMENT LANDBLOCK, priced at $500, with great peace.
With QAL HIGH Virtual Entertainment, we'll provide endless delight,
And celebrate its release with a grand event, on a special night.

Q2 2024


NFT Series 6, with discount of 40, we'll release,
QALVERSE PLAY 2 EARN AND GAMING LANDBLOCK, priced at $600, with great peace.
With QALARENA Virtual Sports P2E Advanced, we'll bring a fun new game,
And a party to celebrate its release, with fame.



NFT Series 7, with discount of 30, we'll release,
With QALBUZZ Virtual Business and Commerce, we'll provide a smart way,
And celebrate its release with a grand event, on a special day.


Airdrop QalCare

In the skies above, a gift descends,
A haven for health, a place to mend,
QALCARE Landblock, a community's dream,
With care at its heart, or so it seems.
The Top 10000, holders of TAYC,
Will gain access to this sanctuary,
Where the best of professionals, with skill and care,
Will tend to the needs of all who dare.
So let us rejoice, in this wondrous sight,
A beacon of hope, a shining light,
QALCARE Landblock, a symbol of hope,
A promise of health, and the strength to cope.


Mint Magic Potion

And finally, the MAGIC POTION arrives,
To convert your APE NFTs, with a surprise.
With a launch event to celebrate, it's a delight,
And a big giveaway, a Lamborghini, what a sight!


Launch of QALVERSE and Listing QALTOKEN

we'll launch QALVERSE, with great delight,
And list QAL Token on exchanges,
with market making in sight. With a big giveaway, a Lamborghini we'll award,
To a lucky NFT holder, from the TAYC series, with applause.

Giveaways and associated plans for tayc holders

This NFT project has an unmatched offering for community connectivity.


Governance Model

TAYC is a DAO-based project where the community plays a key role in decision-making. Token holders are able to vote on proposals and initiatives, which gives them a significant say in the direction of the project.


Revenue Sharing

TAYC has a revenue-sharing mechanism built into its smart contract that distributes a percentage of the proceeds from each sale to the artists who contributed to the creation of the NFT as well as to the minter each time that NFT goes into marketplace.



TAYC is transparent about its decision-making processes and is open about its financials. The project provides regular updates on its finances, including information about the distribution of funds and the use of revenue generated from NFT sales.


Whitelist your wallet, or share your email ID,
To unlock the door to TAYC's exclusivity,
Exclusive deals, promotions, and more,
Early access to new releases, you can explore.
Airdrops and opportunities, just for you,
Being a part of TAYC's community, it's true,


TAYC (The Ape Yield Club) is a blockchain-based NFT platform that offers collectors access to unique, high-quality art pieces. Each piece is minted on the blockchain and verified for authenticity, making them highly valuable and collectible.
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. An NFT is a unique digital asset that is verified on the blockchain, making it one-of-a-kind and highly valuable. NFTs can be used to represent all kinds of digital assets, including artwork, music, and other forms of creative content.
You can purchase TAYC NFTs directly through the TAYC website or on various NFT marketplaces. To make a purchase, you'll need to create a digital wallet and have some cryptocurrency USDT or Matic to use as payment.
Owning TAYC NFTs comes with many benefits, including access to exclusive events and deals, early bird cashbacks, and the ability to earn in-game tokens through TAYC's gaming app. Additionally, each NFT comes pre-loaded with 1000 QAL tokens, which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.
The QAL token is the native cryptocurrency of the QALVERSE, a digital ecosystem that offers a range of services and rewards to users. The QAL token can be used to purchase products and services within the QALVERSE.
TAYC's gaming app is a pay-to-earn platform that allows users to earn in-game tokens by playing games. These tokens can be redeemed for QAL tokens or TAYC merchandise, making it a fun and rewarding way to engage with the TAYC community.
To participate in TAYC's airdrop or early access discount offers, you'll need to whitelist your wallet or share your email ID. This will allow you to receive notifications about exclusive promotions and early access to new releases before they become available to the general public.
RIST stands for Return In Stable Token. TAYC offers a 12% p.a RIST return to NFT holders, which means that for every minted value of an NFT, the holder will receive a 12% p.a return in stable tokens, Till launch of QALVERSE and QAL Token
TAYC offers a wide variety of art pieces from talented artists all over the world. The art pieces range from Generative art collectibles, land blocks, Event Tickect, 3D Avatars, etc . Each piece is carefully selected for its unique qualities and verified for authenticity on the blockchain.
Yes, you can resell your TAYC NFTs on various NFT marketplaces. The value of each NFT may increase or decrease over time depending on market demand and other factors.
Each TAYC NFT is verified on the blockchain, which means that it is completely unique and cannot be replicated or forged. Additionally, TAYC works with reputable artists and curators to ensure that each piece is of the highest quality and value.
To stay up-to-date with the latest TAYC news and developments, you can follow TAYC on social media or sign up for their newsletter. You can also join the TAYC community on various forums and discussion boards to connect with other collectors and enthusiasts.

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